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The New Revenge Dress.

We’ve all been there. The ex has a new girlfriend. the girls you fell out with are at that part at the weekend, you don’t want to be at. You’re newly single and you have to show up alone at the family BBQ. Yep. We’ve all been there ladies.

You’re given two choices; you hide and curl up into a protective cocoon, wanting the ground to swallow you up and to completely hide your own existence. Option 2; you make an entrance, put your best smile on and show that you’re absolutely fine. But what do you wear?

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Summer is Here.

We can all feel it; the evenings are becoming lighter, weekends are becoming makeup-less, sunglasses are continuously being shoved into our bags… we’re even bringing SALADS in for lunch. Yep, the summer season in London has hit. No longer are we donning black as the go-to styling for dates, brunches and family visits. We’re turning our heads to the milkmaid blouse and denim, all in homage to the warmer season.

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How to Wear.. Leopard Print

When I think of Leopard print personally, the image of Kat Slater is always one to loom in front of my thoughts - the over dyed black hair, the clashing prints and fabrics, the overboard eyeshadow and blood red lips.. yep, the very image of Leopard print that I try to stay away from...(no offence Kat). 

However, Leopard print will always be part of Fashion, and along with the rest of the animal kingdom's markings, it's one of this seasons hottest trends.

The truth is, Leopard print is perfectly fine to wear, if styled correctly. 

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