How to Wear.. Leopard Print

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Leopard print? Go on, no judgements here! Is it an image of a Vixon fatal? Red lipstick and black stilettos galore? Is it outlandish graphic t shirts with hot print graphics all over, the kind of t shirts you would find in THAT high street store, where EVERYTHING is £10? 

When I think of Leopard print personally, the image of Kat Slater is always one to loom in front of my thoughts - the over dyed black hair, the clashing prints and fabrics, the overboard eyeshadow and blood red lips.. yep, the very image of Leopard print that I try to stay away from...(no offence Kat). 

However, Leopard print will always be part of Fashion, and along with the rest of the animal kingdom's markings, it's one of this seasons hottest trends.

The truth is, Leopard print is perfectly fine to wear, if styled correctly. 

The key is balance. To start with, when building a look around Leopard print, it is always best to contrast the characteristics of the Leopard print with items that are either more casual, or more formal. 

For instance, for a day-to-day look, work with a relaxed boyfriend jean or a pair of trainers to compliment that printed skirt, or that blouse. Even layering on top of the print tones down its garishness, particularly with a comfy oversized knit. This adds style to the print, a 'coolness' that Kat Slater would be jealous of. 

For an evening or formal do, work with tones that highlight the Leopard print, but add a sophisticated edge to it - my favourite pairing is a white trouser with a white blazer. But if the white isn't for you, and believe me I struggle when there's a possibility of messy food, pair with an brightly coloured ultramarine faux fur jacket, or even a dog tooth jacket. 

Let's talk about leather. Now, I am guilty of assuming that leather is Leopard prints best friend, and I am definitely an advocate of a good pair of leather trousers or jacket. However, the key to not looking like you're on your way to a Kiss concert, is yes you got it, balance. 

One leather piece per every Leopard print piece. As much as double leather can look cool, it is a very strong look. Team the entire look with a casual pair of trainers or a barely there heel, and your look is considered and timeless, rather than 'Kat Slater'. 

Leopard print can be stylist When it's styled right, it can look pretty 'cool girl'. The trick is understanding how much to wear it and what to wear it with. Less is always more when it comes to this infamous print, and more is definitely too much. 

I've put together a quick fire shopping list of all the best Leopard print pieces online and on the high street right now, with additional styling pieces that would be great to add on (and take away Kat Slater). Happy shopping!