A silk affair with Lily Rouse London.

I’m guilty. I can happily say I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a good basic - a good pair of jeans, the perfect white tee, a good pair of boots, a well fitting, good quality jumper. Yep. Despite my use of print and patterns in the last few posts, I can unfortunately say, I’m actually quite a minimal dresser.

So when it comes to quality, I no doubt understand the importance of silk, especially in my day-to-day wardrobe; a silk camisole dresses up a pair of boyfriend jeans, a silk slip dress works perfectly layered under an oversized knit, and a pair of silk trousers looks incredible with a white cotton shirt.

Yep, silk is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT pieces in a wardrobe.

So when I was given the amazing opportunity to work with the beautiful Lily Rouse London and her 100% silk collection of magic, I couldn’t not do a little dance of excitement.


Now, I’m not the most girly of girls - I’m pretty comfortable in a pair of jeans compared to a dress.. I can happily go on a night out wearing an oversized baggy tshirt, for gods sake. But there was something quite magical that happened when I slipped into the Classic Almond Maxi Dress.

It was as if I surprised myself on how feminine I was acting. Slinking my way around the Battersea Arts Centre, fully proud of my feminine shape, the maxi dress made me feel like a movie star.

With a plunging back, and a shape where you really don’t need to worry about a bra (yes ladies, you can free the nipple in lily Rouse London!), I planted the dress in my future, even imagining it for my wedding day!

And it’s not just dream-like floor skimming backless maxi dresses Lily Rouse London offers. For those days where we’re in the office, having lunch meetings or having a family lunch a Sunday, silk is also transformed into daily-activity friendly additions, that still of course managed to make my heart skip a beat.

Paired with a pair of ripped pair of jeans, and a double breasted blazer, a little hint of luxury updates the everyday wardrobe through wearing the Lily Rouse London silk camisole; a little jump of excited is injected into those early mornings trying to figure out what to wear.

For an evening look, the silk camisoles can easily be worn with a leather jacket, with a flowing pair of lightweight trousers or figure hugging midi skirt. For something more understated, team the silk camisole with a well-fitting pair of leather trousers. Bam, understated luxury created in one look.

Luxury and sophistication is not the only qualities that Lily Rouse London does exceptionally well. There is also a dress for the flirtacious and fantastic amongst us (or our best selves on a Saturday night out). With the newest addition of the Wrap Dress, no long do I feel that all I can wear on a night out is trousers.

Comfortable and sexy, flirtacious and fantastic, the wrap dress offers something that is a little more covered up, yet no less feminine and sophisticated. In lightweight silk, with a complimentary V-neck and waist tie, it is still possible to feel your best self and dance the night away, without baring all.

Now enough nattering on about how amazing I felt wearing the newest pieces of Lily Rouse London. That’s all great, I hear you say, but what on earth do I put the pieces with?! How will they fit in with the rest of my wardrobe? Fear not my fellow silk lovers, I have also (as usual) included a quick shopping list of all the best items to pair with your new Lily Rouse London piece. Happy shopping!