Working the polkadot, and not looking like Minnie Mouse.

When I think of wearing Polkadots, I have a distant memory of the kind of dress my mum used to put me in as a toddler - tutu, black and white, polkadots and frilly socks. Yep, I was that child.

There’s something quite cutesy about Polkadots - it’s girly, it’s feminine; it’s the one print that goes sickeningly sweet with frills and lace. Surprisingly though, it’s making a stylish return, just in time for Fall.

Now, some of my favourite bloggers, including Lorna Luxe, have made the silk skirt a key piece in their styling wardrobe, and no doubt, I’ve been on a hunt for exactly the same kind of item - the way it falls, how it can be dressed up and dressed down, how it can be layered as well as being comfy, as well as sexy and sophisticated. But me being me, I apparently cannot stay away from print.. alas, the polkadot skirt.

For the perfect day look, I originally planned to wear this new wardrobe staple with a massive oversized jumper or a roll neck, a baggy v-neck with sleeves rolled up, or a cropped ribbed number with a high neck. Yes, as the weather gets colder, the layers get thicker. It’s all about doing granny chic, but with a classy edgy. Combined with a winter boot, you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend outfit. If you’re not quite ready for accepting the woolly jumper, a v-neck tee with a leather belt to break up the proportions, is perfect for a day-to-day look.

For an evening look, the Polkadot silk skirt is great for pulling together an overtly sexy look, making a lace body and a heel still look sophisticated and cool. Teamed with an oversized double breasted blazer, or even the classic leather jacket, you’ve got sexy-cool in one look, without looking distasteful.

Polkadot print can be cool, and you don’t necessarily have to look like Minnie Mouse, well, not unless you want to. I have added on an essential shopping list for the best Polkadot skirts on the market, and what items are a perfect partnership with this wardrobe essential. Happy shopping!