Non-stop Knitwear.

The change has happened. I felt it around two weeks ago; I put my loose fitting cream v-neck woolly jumper, and for once, didn’t feel sweaty. Yes, knitwear season is officially upon us, and I’m not complaining one bit.

I remember growing up, making every plausible dressing mistake (I regret to say I did own a pair of bright blue high-top converse with fluorescent pink Hawaiian print laces.. worn with a yellow printed jumper) and being told by a best friend that I needed to stop wearing jumpers. I had a jumper for everything - forest green crop to go with the cream and crimson Topshop bag, camel baggy oversized knit to go with the printed flower dress (again. Topshop.), navy and cream abstract square-shaped knit, to wear with just a pair of jeans. I loved knitwear. It’s safe to say now, I should have turned round and said “I’ll wear what I want, thank you.”

Okay, moving away from memory lane, it’s clear to see that there’s something about a knitted piece that I feel incredibly attracted to; the way the fabric stretches and falls, how a wooly jumper dress can hide a multitude of dieting sins whilst still feeling sexy, or even how comfy a long line, v-neck light-weight knitted jumper feels on those early morning 7am commutes. I think I can officially say that knitwear season is the best season of all, and here’s why.


Knitwear isn’t just for the cold early mornings, or the kind of thing your mum buys for your at christmas time.. knitwear can be stylist. My key trick with knitwear (when it feels a bit mumsy-ish) is to layer. Layer a thinner knit under a chunky knit, a low cut neckline over a lace cami, a roll-neck under a cotton shirt or dress. Knit can in fact pull an entire outfit together, whilst keeping us warm.


I am also a huge fan on wearing a knitwear with active wear… yes, I’m the girl who wouldn’t say no to going out for a quick coffee in nike gym leggings and a oversized loose fit knit. When it falls off the shoulder, and the sleeves hide my hands, it’s the perfect antidote to being comfortable, and still looking effortlessly cool.

For the evening, it is important to remember your colour tones. Yes, it is plausible to actually wear a knitted dress, or a roll neck, or even just a jumper out to the local bar, if its kept in neautral understated colour tones.. if you’re unsure, always wear black. It is also important to remember the fit of the garment - too loose and it looks too casual, but too tight, and it looses its ‘cool factor’. Paired with a lace up pair of heels, or a pointed sock boot, and a pair of leather trousers or white boyfriend jeans, comfort is bar-worthy.


Knitwear can also be fashion-focused. For something a little more eye catching, clash prints; a checked jumper with a checked skirt is perfect for something a little more noticeable, and a stripey jumper with a polkadot skirt, can be cut and cutting edge, all in the same look. Knitwear doesn’t have to just be for comfort, it can be an attention-seeker as well.


As usual, I’ve added a list of key knitwear pieces that I think really are front-runners for the high street, that cover just pure basic pieces for day-to-day, night time knitwear, and the attention seeker knitwear pieces. Enjoy and happy shopping!

Pure Basic Knitwear.

Night time Knitwear.

Attention Seeker Knitwear.

Jasmine Banbury