The New Revenge Dress.

We’ve all been there. The ex has a new girlfriend. the girls you fell out with are at that part at the weekend, you don’t want to be at. You’re newly single and you have to show up alone at the family BBQ. Yep. We’ve all been there ladies.

You’re given two choices; you hide and curl up into a protective cocoon, wanting the ground to swallow you up and to completely hide your own existence. Option 2; you make an entrance, put your best smile on and show that you’re absolutely fine. But what do you wear?

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Summer is Here.

We can all feel it; the evenings are becoming lighter, weekends are becoming makeup-less, sunglasses are continuously being shoved into our bags… we’re even bringing SALADS in for lunch. Yep, the summer season in London has hit. No longer are we donning black as the go-to styling for dates, brunches and family visits. We’re turning our heads to the milkmaid blouse and denim, all in homage to the warmer season.

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Non-stop Knitwear.

The change has happened. I felt it around two weeks ago; I put my loose fitting cream v-neck woolly jumper, and for once, didn’t feel sweaty. Yes, knitwear season is officially upon us, and I’m not complaining one bit.

I remember growing up, making every plausible dressing mistake (I regret to say I did own a pair of bright blue high-top converse with fluorescent pink Hawaiian print laces.. worn with a yellow printed jumper) and being told by a best friend that I needed to stop wearing jumpers. I had a jumper for everything - forest green crop to go with the cream and crimson Topshop bag, camel baggy oversized knit to go with the printed flower dress (again. Topshop.), navy and cream abstract square-shaped knit, to wear with just a pair of jeans. I loved knitwear. It’s safe to say now, I should have turned round and said “I’ll wear what I want, thank you.”

Okay, moving away from memory lane, it’s clear to see that there’s something about a knitted piece that I feel incredibly attracted to; the way the fabric stretches and falls, how a wooly jumper dress can hide a multitude of dieting sins whilst still feeling sexy, or even how comfy a long line, v-neck light-weight knitted jumper feels on those early morning 7am commutes. I think I can officially say that knitwear season is the best season of all, and here’s why.

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Jasmine Banbury
Keeping the Utility.

 ‘Utility’. The act of being useful, profitable or beneficial to a being, situation or event. Whether it adds to a situation, supports said person, or creates a profitable environment, to be of ‘Utility’ is to be useful, and damn, that’s what Autumn / Winter 18’s ‘Utility’ trend is demonstrating. The act of being useful.

Whether it’s sturdy fabric, strong fastenings, a simple shape yet comfortable and wearable, or a colour that blends rather than stands out, this season’s ‘Utility’ isn’t all that shabby.

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Jasmine Banbury
A silk affair with Lily Rouse London.

I’m guilty. I can happily say I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a good basic - a good pair of jeans, the perfect white tee, a good pair of boots, a well fitting, good quality jumper. Yep. Despite my use of print and patterns in the last few posts, I can unfortunately say, I’m actually quite a minimal dresser.

So when it comes to quality, I no doubt understand the importance of silk, especially in my day-to-day wardrobe; a silk camisole dresses up a pair of boyfriend jeans, a silk slip dress works perfectly layered under an oversized knit, and a pair of silk trousers looks incredible with a white cotton shirt.

Yep, silk is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT pieces in a wardrobe.

So when I was given the amazing opportunity to work with the beautiful Lily Rouse London and her 100% silk collection of magic, I couldn’t not do a little dance of excitement.

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Working the polkadot, and not looking like Minnie Mouse.

When I think of wearing Polkadots, I have a distant memory of the kind of dress my mum used to put me in as a toddler - tutu, black and white, polkadots and frilly socks. Yep, I was that child.

There’s something quite cutesy about Polkadots - it’s girly, it’s feminine; it’s the one print that goes sickeningly sweet with frills and lace. Surprisingly though, it’s making a stylish return, just in time for Fall.

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How to Wear.. Leopard Print

When I think of Leopard print personally, the image of Kat Slater is always one to loom in front of my thoughts - the over dyed black hair, the clashing prints and fabrics, the overboard eyeshadow and blood red lips.. yep, the very image of Leopard print that I try to stay away from...(no offence Kat). 

However, Leopard print will always be part of Fashion, and along with the rest of the animal kingdom's markings, it's one of this seasons hottest trends.

The truth is, Leopard print is perfectly fine to wear, if styled correctly. 

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How to do .. Snakeskin Print

Sadly, the days of linen and light wash denim are no longer upon us; the Fall season has arrived in fashion and everyone is in search for the autumn print. This season, that print is snakeskin, and boy does the high street know how to do it well. Classier than leopard print, just as eye-catching as a checkerboard print, snakeskin print is the new must have in every wardrobe, in every kind of clothing piece possible. 

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Jasmine Banbury
How to wear.. Check

It’s now finally time to pull out last years blazer, but if you’re looking for an update – check is the new trend. With thanks to Stella McCartneyNew Look has released its identical twin. With being one of the fashion crowd’s cheat to chic, speed is needed to grab this bargain before it sells itself out – at just £29.99, it’s the best way to update the plain white tee (or in this season’s case, the logo tee) or even to pair with the casual boyfriend jeans that you save for hangover Sunday. To update the shape and take the jacket from the office desk to the Mayfair bar, sling the jacket on your shoulders and pair with leather trousers and a pointed stiletto or mule.

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Doing the Dungaree

I’m always that person that has a hundred million things in my hands, all at once. Being a Stylist doesn’t help – with a phone under my arm, a clip in my right hand, a water bottle in my left, and trying to cling onto the description tag with my pinky, it’s safe to say, I never have enough hands to hold everything all at once. I mean, of course you need to do everything at once, right?

The last few weeks have really tested my multitasking factor. But with ‘fashion’ as being (surprisingly) useful, I found a way to help with my ‘I can hold everything at once’ personality, as well as looking somewhat, put together. The Dungaree. 

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How to wear.. faux fur.

I’m writing today from the standing point of hating my coat. Really. I hate that the only two colours I seem to own, in some kind of coat structure, are grey and black. As sophisticated and stylish I like to be, I’m kind of bored. Gone are the days of Spring and Autumn, where it was justifiable to wear layers rather than a coat, where getting away with a textured, brightly coloured cord jacket (and a roll neck) really was okay. The coat almost takes away the fun when it comes to styling – it’s an outer layer that yes, keeps you warm, and yes, mum always taught you to wear as soon as there was frost on the ground, but where is the fun in the wool coat?

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